Meet Terri

From school libraian to founder and director.​

Terri White is a long-time educator.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in English and Library Science, Mrs. White began her career as a school librarian.

After starting their family in the late 1970s, Terri and her husband Steve chose to homeschool their children.



In 1983 Mrs. White founded the Johnson County Homeschoolers Association.

The first and only support group for several surrounding counties, she served as president for several years.

The organization still thrives today and is called Cleburne Home Educators.

Over the years, White helped families get started in homeschooling, counseled with parents, evaluated and advised in curriculum decisions, and spoke on homeschooling in various venues.

During the 1990s, White wrote a series of articles for various magazines and published those in a book entitled Successful Home Schooling.

By 1999 White had graduated her three children, who were off to college. Then a friend asked if she would teach her homeschooled teens English composition skills. A new adventure bloomed.


Write Right With Mrs. White Was Born

Terri wrote her own high school curriculum for beginning, intermediate, and advanced English composition skills. That curriculum is still being used today in TEACH Cleburne High School English Classes.

From there...TEACH Cleburne

In the spring of 2013, Mrs. White founded TEACH Cleburne.

Mrs. White went on to grow TEACH Cleburne into a thriving homeschool community providing diverse support for Johnson County, TX homeschooling families

Terri continued teaching until the 2021-2022 school year and spent the next year carefully considering the next generation of TEACH leadership.

In 2023 Terri handed the running of TEACH Cleburne over to Shannon Dildy and Brook Deaton.

Terri and her husband Steve continue to share their hearts and time with the TEACH Cleburne students.

Terri White continues to be a contributing writer for the Sunday edition of the Cleburne Times-Review.

For family-friendly reading, you can find Terri’s book, Back Porch Musings, on Amazon.

Looking to touch base with Terri? Email her at:

[email protected]