TEACH Cleburne

To Encourage and Challenge Homeschoolers

TEACH Cleburne offers a la carte classes for PK4-12th grade. TEACH Cleburne partners with parents in Johnson County, TX and surrounding areas

From Preschool to College Prep we’re here to walk with you.

Group of 4 middle school students laughing outdoors in the Cleburne homeschool coop

Supporting Your Unique Educational Goals

Introducing Family-Centered Academics


3 young students playing with tanagram shapes on the floor

Elementary Homeschool Classes

In our Cleburne homeschool classes, PreK4-5th grade offer the four core subjects plus enrichment classes to meet every interest.

Your youngest students will thrive, building friendships and learning from professional instructors, while maintaining more time at home with you.

From fun field trips to a rich academic foundation, our elementary homeschool classes are the perfect addition to your homeschool plan.


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Homeschool Middle School Classes​

Grades 6th – 8th grades offer the core classes along with a wide variety of homeschool electives.

Middle school homeschoolers shift to accelerated and focused learning while diving deeper into fun electives that spark their curiosity and interest.

Take a look at our current electives and core offerings to find the best fit for your tween and family schedule.


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Homeschool High School Classes

Are you struggling with algebra, or barely surving biology? Maybe your high school student is thriving academically, but looking to add in some professional speaking and foriegn language polish.

Our Cleburne homeschool classes can be the perfect fit for the last four years of school.

Watch your high school student mature as they learn advanced concepts in the core disciplines and start the process of getting ready for their next steps.

Whether your student is pursuing a trade, college, or the military, we’ll help set them up for success for their next stage.

Kind Words from parents

"I absolutely adore T.E.A.C.H. I remember Mrs. White standing in front of everyone at orientation stating that 'your children will be loved at this school'. I feel this every day my daughter goes inside. T.E.A.C.H. is the best decision I could have made. It is one thing I got right."