TEACH Cleburne Middle School Classes

Twice Weekly Classes

Meet Tuesdays & Thursdays
$ 85
  • Supply Fees Vary
  • Some Lab Fees Additional

Once a Week Classes

Meet Wednesdays
$ 70
  • Supply Fees Vary
  • Some Lab Fees Additional
Middle School Boy with science structure

Middle School Core Classes

Twice Weekly classes meet tuesdays & thursdays
Once Weekly classes meet on Wednesdays

In our a la carte style school, teachers present new lessons for the core subjects two days each week.

Homework is assigned for the rest of the week and is a required part of TEACH participation.

Parents oversee assigned homework the other 3 days of the week.

Ready to Create a Schedule

Take a look at our 2024-2025 Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) Schedule.

Not Sure What to Pick?

Need some suggestions on what courses to choose? Take a look at our Suggested Academic Track for TEACH Middle School Students

Middle School English

Middle School English classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Throughout the next three years students are exposed to the full spectrum of language arts immersion. From daily journaling and various composition, to grammar and comprehnsion. 

View the course catalog for a complete overview of each grade level class.

Middle School Math

We’ll help your middle school student get high school math ready!  

In Math 6 & Math 7 students will strengthen basic multiplication, division,
percentage, measurement, and geometry skills.

Your 8th grade student will likely be ready to jump into pre-algebra. They’ll gain the foundation they need to thrive throughout more advanced math classes in high school.

Do you have a student who needs a different math level? Let’s chat! We’ll meet them where they’re at!

Or, explore the course catalog to find the perfect fit!

Middle School Social Studies and Science

Looking for some fun hands-on learning? TEACH Social Studies and Science classes are here to help!

From general science to herbology there’s something for each interest and grade level. 

Explore the course catalog to find the perfect fit!

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it's the perfect balance of flexibility and support!

"Let me tell you about my kids’ school – TEACH Cleburne. They love our kids, and I’m not just saying mine. If your school doesn’t just wrap its arms around your babies, you are missing out, and so are your kiddos."

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Middle School Homeschool
Elective Classes

All of our classes are a la carte. Find the perfect elective to enrich your homeschooling experience whether you attend core classes or not.